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Andrea Bright


As the CEO of Ingentive, Andrea is responsible for overseeing and driving the organisation strategy and culture. This involves close engagement with the key relationships across teammates, clients, and partners to deliver performance and solid partnerships with passion. She is charged with growing the capacity and competencies of teams whilst maintaining the firm foundations that the company stands for by aligning the day-to-day work with values around diversity, inclusion, and sustainability.

Andrea has extensive experience in the market as a team builder for company growth and has realised delivery excellence as a primary focus for her companies’ clients for many years.

Andrea is also a member of Woolf Partners, who acquired Ingentive in Feb 2023. She has previously been the COO for QUANTIQ Technology and the president for QUANTIQ North America whilst the company was being expanded internationally. Andrea has also provided her experience into various service delivery companies in the Microsoft BizApps space by performing NED consulting roles specifically with the scope of operational excellence. Having worked in over 21 countries in her career, Andrea continues to enjoy travel and meeting new people around the world for business and pleasure. She enjoys skiing, running and exercise in general when she can.


  • Creating of high-performing teams
  • Strong leadership & communication skills
  • Development of Sales & and marketing strategies
  • Governance & project/programme sponsorship
  • Business change management
  • Building successful program management and project methodologies 
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"Success is not just a destination; it's a journey of resilience, perseverance, and continuous growth. Embrace challenges as stepping stones, learn from failures, and let your passion be the compass guiding you to new heights. The true measure of success lies not only in achieving your goals but in the person you become along the way."
Andrea BrightCEO

Qualifications & Certifications

Andrea is a qualified member of the Project Management Institute (PMI).  PMI is the leading professional association for project management and the leading authority for a growing global community of millions of project professionals and individuals who use project management skills.