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Cumbria Health on Call


Digital transformation strategy development, and a detailed review of the business’s Microsoft strategy, designed to maximise return on investment. 


- Microsoft Teams Implementation and Customisation.

- Power Bi Deployment and Training.

- SharePoint Migration.

Cumbria Health on Call


"Having had over four years of very successful relationship with Ingentive, we're pleased to recommend them to anybody and to move on with them in future years.”  - Fraser Clark, Executive Director of Finance and Business Development at CHoC.

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Revolutionising CHoC through Microsoft Solutions:

Over the last few years, Ingentive have been working with Cumbria Health on call, supporting the organisation's innovation and digital evolution with the Microsoft cloud.

Cumbria Health on Call (CHoC) are a social enterprise, not for profit organisation that provide primary and urgent care services to the population of Cumbria. CHoC is located in the second largest county in the country that has an ageing population based in rural locations and they needed digital technology to enable then effectively care for their community. For the organisation, a big focus was on being able to incorporate in technology enabled care into the services that they provide. However, the underpinning systems behind the organisation also needed to be upgraded at the same time, which was where Ingentive stepped in.

Our implementation of Teams offered CHoC the ability to communicate remotely, enabling the organisation to have a more diverse workforce and stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through Teams, CHoC have extended their workforce and have access to a talent pool that locally they wouldn't be able to reach. While implementing Teams into the business, we also set up CHoC on Microsoft 365 too. This subsequently led on to some Power Bi work since we understood their organisation and their requirements and were familiar with their growth needs. Once we had deployed Power Bi within CHoC, we trained the team to make sure that it was owned by the business, and that everyone knew how to navigate the system to gain the highest possible benefits from it.

Richard McGregor, Head of Digital Performance at CHoC, said “The response that your company (Ingentive) gave to us during that time was particularly impressive. Power Bi gives organisations like Cumbria Health on call the ability to connect to multiple different systems, whether it's their own systems or systems shared by other trusts or other organisations, and embed that into their systems, present it to people on mobile devices, anywhere they might be now, remotely or in the office.”

It was important to us to maximise CHoC’s time and enable them to meet the patient’s need and provide the holistic care - not only CHoC but all the partners that they work with as well. The patient needs are the shared objectives that all healthcare organisations are trying to achieve, and technology is absolutely the catalyst to allow them to do that.



Power BI has revolutionised the way that CHoC utilise data. They can now bring together data sets from their twelve different information systems into one place in Power Bi. Within Power Bi, it's now straightforward for the organisation to build reports that inform its business. CHoC organisation runs on data, as so many organisations do.

Some of the strategy that has been put in place at CHoC has been influenced by our Ingentive team, as Richard says: “They're (Ingentive) the experts in the Microsoft products. Because of the relationship we built up over four years, there's a level of trust. We utilised the Ingentive technical expertise, knowledge, and a lot of the advice that they (Ingenitve) gave us to then be able to move our files away from traditional shared drives onto teams and Sharepoint, which has just only added further flexibility to the way that the organisation can conduct its business. We're working effectively to introduce Microsoft 365 and that's been very successful."  - Fraser Clark, Executive Director of Finance and Business Development at CHoC.

Other health organisations need to be looking to invest in technology. We're dealing in a climate now where our health budgets are becoming more and more finite, patients are living longer, and conditions are becoming more complex. If you're not investing in your technology, you're going to struggle to provide health care to communities. Due to our work, CHoC are able to respond to patients quicker and give patients the tools to treat their own conditions. Beyond this, CHoC are now able to remotely monitor patients and turn what sometimes can be a very ‘routine-based’ service into more of a ‘needs-based’ focus.

“I would recommend Ingentive as a partner to work with. And as much as they're a responsive organisation, they have the technical expertise that I lean on now - if not weekly, sometimes daily basis - in being able to help inform our strategy, and to ensure that we're getting the best out of the Microsoft tools that we can.” – Richard McGregor.

Our relationship with CHoC is only going to continue to grow. CHoC would like Ingentive to act as a frontline technical support that they are able to call upon. Ingentive are very much looking forward to continuing our partnership with CHoC, and developing their use of Microsoft products further, throughout their digital evolution.


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