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Join our Power 7 Workshops

Through 7 Hours of Power, our expert team will guide you through your learning journey. This hands-on, interactive workshop, will provide you with enough knowledge to instantly start creating an impact on your business. Ingentive will guide you one-on-one though various Mircosoft capabilities and examine your potential use cases to benefit your specific business needs.

Power 7: Power ​Apps - Learn how to create a custom business app from scratch and without heavy coding.

Power 7: Power ​Automation- Learn how to automate business processes relevant to you and create a more streamlined business.

Power 7: Copilot & AI - Go through a series of exercises and learn to start building using AI. 

Power 7: Power BI - Learn how to create data dashboards and visualisations within minutes.

Power 7:  Microsoft Copilot Studio Learn how to create powerful, intelligent bots without the need for complex code.

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