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Peter Martin

Non-Executive Director

Peter is a highly experienced IT leader with over 4 decades of experience in leading IT departments.  Now primarily a non-exec director and investor for Ingentive via Woolf Partners, he provides strategic and tactical advice to the business around various matters and brings invaluable perspective, skills and experience to the team.

Peter started his career at the BBC and spent 7 years working up the ranks to run various mainframe and mini-computer technologies for the company.  Over 40 years, he moved into leadership roles for Nabisco, Schneider, Europe Assistance and Engergizer before primarily moving into the tech sector where he has remained since working mostly with Stuart Fenton at Micro Warehouse (Now CDW), Insight and QUANTIQ where he was a co-founder.

An eccentric and family man, Peter has a fun and unique style which brings the client experience to the fore and ensures that the IT experience for users and clients is always excellent.  He is proudly focused on outcomes and cost optimisation as opposed to technology for the sake of it; always asking “Is it worth it?”.


  • Creating of high-performing teams
  • Mentoring, leadership & communication skills
    Making impactful board-level influences
  • Delivering highly successful programmes
  • Business change management
  • Managing and streamlining business operations 
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“I have spent over 4 decades in technology, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  What we can do today with technology wasn’t even the stuff of dreams when I started loading tapes into mainframe computers.”

Peter MartinNon-Executive Director

Qualifications & Certifications

Peter has 11 years experience mentoring at 'Inspiring the Future'. He worked on helping school leavers and students in their last year at school enter the world of work.