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Microsoft Security

Cloud security built around you

At Ingentive, we recognise the paramount importance of comprehensive cloud security. We implement a "Defence in Depth" strategy, which layers cloud security measures across your infrastructure, bolstering your defences at every level. We embrace the principles of "Zero Trust," where trust is never assumed, and rigorous identity management plays a pivotal role.

Our commitment to contextual identity management ensures that access to your digital resources is based on real-time, situation-specific factors, minimising security risks. We rely on Microsoft's robust cloud security solutions, such as Microsoft Sentinel, to provide holistic and forward-thinking protection. With Ingentive as your cyber security partner, you can trust us to navigate the intricate landscape of digital security, crafting a secure and resilient future for our clients. Together, let us fortify your digital boundaries and safeguard your digital assets in this ever-evolving digital era.

Next level security Elevating your cloud security to the next level, Microsoft Sentinel stands as the beacon of the future in safeguarding your digital assets. This cloud native SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) tool is the epitome of advanced cloud security. Microsoft Sentinel not only delivers intelligent security analytics but also grants you access to unparalleled threat intelligence, providing a robust defence against evolving digital threats.  
Ideation Workshops

Step into the world of hands-on workshops with Ingentive, where innovation and ideation thrive. Our workshops offer immersive experiences, delving deep into various security offerings, including Microsoft Sentinel. Join us for a journey where you gain a profound understanding of your organisation's security requirements. These sessions empower you to embrace the precise cloud security measures your organisation needs, ensuring robust protection in today's ever-evolving digital landscape.

Evaluation & Validation

Following our immersive workshops, Ingentive extends its expertise with comprehensive discovery and assessments. Our experienced team delves deeper into your cloud security landscape, identifying vulnerabilities, assessing risks and highlighting opportunities for improvement.

Leveraging advanced tools, including Microsoft Sentinel, we provide detailed insights and a precise roadmap to bolster your cloud security posture. With Ingentive, you'll have a clear understanding of your security needs and a tailored plan to enhance your organization's defences.


Building on our assessments, Ingentive employs an agile methodology to design and implement customised cloud security solutions. This approach ensures adaptability and alignment with your emerging security requirements. We create a cloud security framework that evolves alongside your organisation, providing continuous protection.

Project Delivery

Ingentive employs the agile Scrum methodology for deploying cloud security solutions. This approach emphasises iterative, collaborative sprints to design and implement security measures incrementally. This ensures flexibility, adaptability and rapid delivery of cloud security enhancements with ongoing communication and feedback loops to achieve precise alignment with our client’s goals.

Ongoing Support

Our dedicated team of cyber security experts provide real-time threat monitoring, rapid incident response and ongoing enhancement to ensure our clients digital defences remain strong and adaptable. With Ingentive's cloud security managed services, you can focus on your core business objectives, knowing that your cyber security is expertly managed and resilient in the face of evolving threats.



Microsoft Azure Sentinel

Ingentive is your trusted partner for maximising the potential of Microsoft Azure Sentinel, which is a cloud-native solution that brings intelligent cloud security analytics and threat intelligence to our clients of all sizes. With our wealth of experience in successful deployments, we consolidate your cloud security measures into a unified solution, providing a comprehensive view of your operations. Microsoft Sentinel's advanced attack detection, threat visibility, proactive hunting and threat response capabilities, when coupled with Ingentive's expertise, empower our clients to effectively safeguard against the ever-evolving landscape of sophisticated cyber security threats.

Data collection & analysis

In the realm of security and threat management, data collection and analysis play a pivotal role. At Ingentive, we excel in harnessing the capabilities of Microsoft Azure Sentinel for comprehensive data collection and analysis. Our expertise ensures that our clients can consolidate security data from various sources and gain valuable insights into potential threats and vulnerabilities. With advanced analytics and threat intelligence, we empower you to proactively detect and respond to security incidents, bolstering your defences against sophisticated threats. Ingentive's approach combines the power of data collection and analysis with the robust features of Microsoft Azure Sentinel to safeguard your digital landscape effectively.

Detection of undetected threats

To detect hidden threats, we rely on Microsoft's advanced technologies. Our continuous monitoring and analysis, backed by machine learning and AI, leverages tools like Microsoft Defender to uncover emerging threats that might elude traditional methods. With Ingentive, you benefit not only from these cutting-edge capabilities but also from seamless integration into the broader Microsoft ecosystem, spanning 365, Azure, and Power Platform. This comprehensive approach ensures proactive threat detection and a robust defence against evolving security risks.

Threat investigation with AI

Sentinel deploys machine learning, AI, and behavioral analytics to detect advanced and evolving threats. You can locate unusual patterns and anomalies across your organisation’s environment, providing early detection of potential breaches.

Rapid incident resolution

Our rapid incident resolution methodology is straightforward and effective. We use advanced Microsoft tools to detect threats, and when an incident occurs, swiftly identify, contain, investigate and resolve it. Our process is meticulous, ensuring minimal damage and disruption, and we maintain clear communication with stakeholders throughout.

Microsoft Defender, your advanced anti-virus solution

Introducing Ingentive's advanced cyber security with Microsoft Defender. Traditional antivirus solutions fall short when dealing with the complexity of contemporary cyber attacks. That's where Ingentive's cyber security offerings, including Microsoft Defender, come to the forefront.

Microsoft Defender for Business is at the heart of our cyber security solutions, offering a robust defence against a wide spectrum of threats. Beyond merely identifying and protecting, we excel at detecting and responding to sophisticated cyber attacks. With Ingentive, our clients trust that Microsoft Defender fortifies their cloud security.

Key Features

Microsoft cloud security is designed to protect all your endpoints across the workplace.


How can we help you?


In the first crucial step, Microsoft Defender identifies critical vulnerabilities that pose a threat to our clients’ security. It meticulously scans for software issues and misconfigurations, pinpointing areas that require immediate attention. This proactive approach lays the foundation for a robust, secure online environment, ensuring that potential risks are swiftly addressed.


In the "PROTECT" phase, Microsoft Defender enhances security by reducing exposure points across devices and apps. It achieves this through attack surface minimisation and deploys robust antivirus and antimalware protection, both on devices and in the cloud. This multi-layered defence safeguards our clients from evolving threats.

Detect and Respond

In the "DETECT AND RESPOND" phase, Microsoft Defender identifies and swiftly addresses incidents through endpoint detection and response. It excels at pinpointing advanced threats and promptly eliminating them from your digital environment. This agile response ensures that our clients stay resilient in the face of evolving cybersecurity challenges.


In the "RECOVER" phase, Microsoft Defender takes action to enhance your security measures and aid in your organisation's recovery from cyberattacks. It achieves this through automated investigation and remediation, streamlining alert assessments and addressing threats effectively. This proactive approach ensures that our clients bounce back stronger, minimising downtime and bolstering cybersecurity resilience.

       Microsoft Defender offers a clear and intuitive interface, balancing robust cloud security features with ease of use. Whether you're a seasoned IT
professional or just getting started, its streamlined design ensures that system protection remains both accessible and efficient.


Our promise to you

Best Practices

Implementing Microsoft's security suite demands precision. At Ingentive, we promise to guide you through best practice for deploying Microsoft Security and optimise your security settings. Expect cyber excellence with us.

Deployment & Scaling

When it comes to the deployment and scaling of critical solutions like Microsoft Sentinel, we've got you covered. Whether you are seeking guidance on initial deployment or strategies to scale Azure Sentinel, our experts are just a call away. With Ingentive, expect a seamless and scalable journey towards enhanced cybersecurity.

Dedicated Support

Knowledge is power. That is why we provide dedicated support to ensure you always have the answers you need. Whether it is understanding how Azure Sentinel handles threat intelligence or discovering data sources that seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Sentinel, our experts are here to assist. With Ingentive, you can trust in our unwavering commitment to supporting your cybersecurity journey.

Collaborate with your teams

We will ensure that your cloud security teams collaborate more efficiently by providing an advanced platform for sharing insights on investigations and coordinating incident response actions. You will always be updated about the latest threats and attack techniques to protect your workplace.

With Ingentive, you will also have the ability to adjust resources as needed, ensuring that your platform grows with the necessary security requirements. This means that as your organisation evolves and faces new cloud security challenges, our support will adapt to meet those demands. Whether it's scaling up to accommodate a larger user base, implementing additional security measures in response to emerging threats, or integrating new technologies to enhance your defences, Ingentive ensures a flexible and proactive approach to security that evolves with our clients changing needs.

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Microsoft Security Overview

Embark on an in-depth exploration of Microsoft Security through our immersive workshops. Dive into the intricacies of the meticulously designed Microsoft Security architecture which is engineered to establish formidable defences against a myriad of digital threats.

Features and Benefits

Discover the multitude of features within Microsoft Security with our expert guidance. Understand why so many enterprises choose Microsoft Security over competitors and experience firsthand the unparalleled benefits it brings to our clients.

Get Started

Contemplating a security overhaul? Allow us to help you navigate through Microsoft Security subscription pricing or test its capabilities with a trial version. Reach out if you are keen to deepen your understanding of the first-rate protection provided by Microsoft Security.


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