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Andrea Bright9 January 20244 min read

Navigating Pro Code and Low Code Realities

The strategic decision between pro code and low code is paramount for businesses looking to optimise their growth trajectory. I've closely observed the transformative impact of both approaches on our clients and the industry.  

At Ingentive, we advocate for a nuanced approach, recognising that the choice between pro code and low code is not binary but depends on project requirements and overarching business goals. Our diverse offerings, strategic guidance, and adaptability make Ingentive the preferred choice for businesses seeking comprehensive solutions that align seamlessly with our strategic vision.  

What is the difference between Pro Code and Low Code? 

Low code is a software development approach that emphasises visual development interfaces and requires minimal manual coding to create applications. The goal of low-code platforms, such as the Microsoft Power Platform, is to enable users with varying levels of technical expertise, including business analysts and non-developers, to participate in the application development process. This approach streamlines and accelerates the development lifecycle, allowing organisations to build applications more quickly and with reduced reliance on traditional programming languages. 

Pro code, synonymous with traditional software development, involves the meticulous crafting of custom code by seasoned developers. This approach excels in delivering highly customised solutions and intricate functionalities, making it particularly suitable for complex, specialised projects that align with the strategic business objectives of an organisation.  


Benefits of Low Code: 

Low-code development - characterised by visual interfaces and minimised manual coding - offers a rapid development approach. I find this is particularly appealing for businesses seeking agility, quick deployment, and increased collaboration between IT and business teams.  

People often think of low code as a 'quick win', but the advantages of low code go beyond speed; it fundamentally transforms the development process by making it accessible to a broader spectrum of users, fostering cross-functional collaboration, and - my favourite part - promoting a culture of innovation throughout the organisation. 

Let's think long term. The rapid development capability of low code ensures swift responses to market demands, enhancing a business’ agility in a competitive landscape. Zooming out to a companywide view, its accessibility to non-developers empowers team members from various functions to actively contribute to the development process - fostering innovation that aligns with overall business goals. I find that this agility and flexibility make it well-suited for projects that require quick adjustments and adaptations to evolving business requirements. 

Microsoft's Power Platform, encompassing Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents, exemplifies the potential of low-code innovation. We work with Microsoft to empower businesses to deploy applications rapidly, automate workflows, and derive insights from data—all achieved with minimal manual coding. Microsoft align seamlessly with our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, and providing our clients with tools that enhance their capabilities and competitiveness. 

Power Platform tools can provide an RIO of over 500% over 3 years to business operations, helping increase revenue, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. (Forrester, 2022)  

The unified ecosystem offered by Microsoft's Power Platform ensures seamless integration, enhancing collaboration across various business functions. Its user-friendly interface democratises application development, making it accessible to a broad user base and facilitating innovation throughout the organisation. The rapid deployment capabilities of Power Platform further contribute to its appeal, allowing businesses to adapt quickly to changing market dynamics. 


Benefits of Pro Code: 

While low-code solutions excel in agility, pro code offers precision and control for specialised projects that align with overarching business strategies. Our team of professional developers bring expertise to ensure customisation, scalability, and security—elements critical for projects that demand strategic impact and meticulous attention to detail. 

The advantages of custom coding (pro code) at Ingentive go beyond the technical realm. The specialised expertise brought to the table by our developers ensures a high level of customisation that precisely aligns with the strategic business objectives. The scalability of solutions means they evolve seamlessly with business growth, and robust security measures are implemented to safeguard critical business data. This comprehensive approach ensures that custom coding at Ingentive is not merely a technical solution but a strategic investment aligning with the business's long-term vision. 

85% of company executives feel big data will drastically alter the way businesses operate. (G2, 2023)  

Why Ingentive?

As an organisation that offers both pro code and low code, we are uniquely placed when it comes to offering advice to businesses looking to digitally evolve, since we are unbiased. Ingentive act as a trusted pair of hands to guide you through the best options for your business - be it pro code or low code. 

We stand as a strategic partner at the intersection of pro code and low code, empowering businesses to drive innovation, enhance collaboration, and achieve their strategic objectives. Whether it's the precision of custom coding or the agility of low-code solutions like Microsoft's Power Platform, we provide a strategic and adaptive approach to software development, unlocking the full potential of businesses in the ever-evolving digital era. Choose Ingentive for a transformative partnership that aligns seamlessly with your strategic business vision. 

Want to learn more?

We are uniquely placed as a Microsoft FastTrack Ready Partner that are able to diagnose your organisation's digital processes, using your use cases. From this understanding, we create tailor-made solutions that suit your business needs. Contact us today to learn more.