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Custom Software Development

Custom software development services

Are you facing challenges with legacy applications that off-the-shelf software can't address? Have you considered the advantages of a bespoke software development solution specifically designed to meet your unique needs?

Custom software development offers your business greater flexibility and features to serve your specific needs. It gives you total control over what is being developed and is built to be incorporated with the rest of your business software.

At Ingentive, we build custom software development that integrates easily into your current systems and data flows. Custom software development is designed to fit within your current operations and streamline your processes, rather than restrict you into adapting to a pre-built systems which may not function to your business needs.  

Ideation Workshop

An Ideation Workshop with us enables all the stakeholders to have their say in how the custom software development project should work from their perspective. User stories are created to aid the project design and development. Our Ideation Workshop always takes place before the development process is commenced.

Analysis Our team abstract the detail from the user story, and then perform a detailed technical analysis of the changes which will be required for the custom software development. During this stage, we may ask extra questions from the Business Analysts for any added clarity or to discuss any concerns.   
Systems Health Check

We look at the client's system that is currently being utilised, so that the technology we are building on is as efficient as possible and is future-proofed. This is called a Systems Health Check. A Systems Health Check includes an audit analysis to identify deficiencies and make recommendations on your existing custom software solutions. 


We propose a high-level blueprint of how the custom software development change will be implemented. During this phase we keep in mind our ‘clean code’ principles, ensuring that our changes are scalable, maintainable, and will not cause regression in other areas of the system.


Ingentive make the modifications to the custom software solution. During this stage, we create and run our own unit tests and integration tests to make sure that all the requirements of the user story have been implemented.

System Deployment

Once a user story (or a batch of user stories) has passed all of its checks, custom software development is deployed into a UAT environment to be validated by real users of the system. This is often complemented with a system demonstration to the end-users to provide the opportunity for a quick feedback loop. 



Benefits of bespoke software development

Purchasing custom software solutions is expensive over time; what begins as a cost-saving option can creep up as more users are added and the years pass by. Bespoke software development can be a smart investment that begins pay for itself over time. With bespoke software, there are no additional costs as the business grows. In addition, there is also the option to own the software IP once development is complete, which negates any vendor lock-in issues.

At Ingentive, we stand as a strategic partner at the intersection of pro code and low code, making us uniquely placed when it comes to offering advice to businesses looking to digitally evolve, since we are unbiased. We are a trusted pair of hands to guide you through the best options for your business - be it pro code or low code.

If you would like to learn more about Low Code Solutions, click here.

Our custom software team

Our custom software team is specifically designed to suit your specific software projects, ensuring easy deployment and reporting. From Developers, Business Analysts to Project Managers, your team Ingentive offer full support every step of the way. 


Our Developers create the custom software code for your project. Our team are skilled in a wide range of technologies including .NET (C# or VB), SQL Server, JavaScript, PowerBI, Azure and Xamarin. 

Testing Team

An essential part of any successful project. Our Testing Team use stringent test processes that are ISO 9001 certified, providing quality assurance before projects are deployed. 

Project Managers

Our Project Managers keep the custom software development project on track both in terms of time, cost and deliverables by continually monitoring the project and budgets. 

Business Analysts

Our Business Analysts work with you to understand your business objectives and project requirements, ultimately creating a specifications document for your  custom software solution. 

Legacy systems

Legacy systems are outdated systems, software or technology that are still used despite newer systems being available. These systems present challenges for businesses that rely on them, since they are often no longer actively developed or supported. This leaves the organisation with limited functionality and at risk of failure and security breaches. Despite this, many businesses use legacy systems due to the fear of disruption involved in replacing them and migrating to a new system.  

Are you operating legacy systems and encountering business critical issues? Ingentive are able rebuild your systems and migrate your data for a smooth transition and minimal disruption. 

The process of updating these systems should be driven by our clients' needs and requirements. We manage the custom software development, coding and customisation, whilst reducing your exposure to risk and minimising the cost and impact to the company.

Common Problems

Some of the challenges our clients face are often regarding unstable systems.  Older systems are often unable to integrate with newer systems or technologies, leaving many organisations stuck with insufficient processes .

Are you struggling to access data? Does your system lack knowledge of the business? Are you worried about security risks?

Many of these issues are familiar. With digital transformation in the ascendance, there is an urgent need to modernise legacy systems. These systems form obstacles that negatively impact the performance, business, initiatives and processes. When you are working with an outdated system, new services and applications can’t be implemented because of legacy systems and software. 

How can we help?

Do you rip out the system and start again? It sounds inviting. It’s not – it’s risky and expensive. 

Ingentive believe that modernisation isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ process. There are a host of approaches dependent upon system architecture, tech and functionality. There may be a need to rehost, re-platform or replace, which will determine the approach taken, and each some with different risks, effects, costs and issues to consider. 

Time needs to be spent choosing the right custom software solution for your business, building a roadmap that your leadership team all have a say in.  

Why Ingentive?

Ingentive are a safe pair of hands to guide you on your journey of updating your systems. We work closely with you to understand your challenges, needs and goals. 

The advantages of custom software development at Ingentive go beyond the technical realm. The specialised expertise brought to the table by our developers ensures a high level of customisation that precisely aligns with your unique business objectives. Our comprehensive approach ensures that custom coding at Ingentive is not merely a technical solution but a strategic investment aligning with the business's long-term vision. 

Efficient energy management system

Case study - leading conservation charity

A leading conservation charity asked us to reimplement their system for managing energy consumption, MMS, on a modern platform. 

The existing system was built on outdated technologies and could not meet the charity's needs. We developed a new custom software web application and database design based on the existing system's functionality, but with the necessary changes to address the previous system's shortcomings.  

The new MMS solution eliminated the technical issues of the previous system and provided an application fit for purpose that met the charity's key feature requirements.  

Contemplating between Pro Code and Low Code?

At Ingentive, we stand as a strategic partner at the intersection of pro code and low code. We offer both Pro Code and Low Code options for our clients looking to digitally transform - always emphasising a focus on business logic.

During our analysis process, we supply your organisation with all a variety of options, to ensure you are getting the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for your business.



Whether it's the precision of custom coding or the agility of Microsoft's low-code solutions, we empower businesses to drive innovation, enhance collaboration, and achieve their strategic objectives. 

As a Microsoft FastTrack Ready Partner, Ingentive are uniquely placed to drive the adoption of Microsoft Technologies and level up your organisation's way of working. 


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