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IT Managed Services

Your managed services provider

Welcome to Ingentive managed services, where we offer two flexible options to cater to your specific needs. Whether you prefer a full managed service, where we run and operate your technology estate independently, or a collaborative approach, we are here to empower your teams.

By entrusting Ingentive with the responsibility of managing your technology estate, we free your teams from day-to-day operational challenges. This newfound freedom allows your personnel to focus on driving innovation and differentiation, giving you the time and space to explore new technologies, accelerate change, reduce operational friction and fortify data security.

Our commitment as a managed services provider is to supply you with the choice and support you need to pave the way for a more innovative, secure and successful future. Join us in crafting a customised managed services strategy that aligns perfectly with your organisation's goals and aspirations. 

HelpDesk Support

Welcome to Ingentive helpdesk support, where we provide comprehensive assistance to your end-users, enabling you to focus on refining your IT managed services strategy and overseeing system operations.

Our helpdesk support extends seamlessly to your on-site and cloud-based services, encompassing a diverse array of devices, operating systems and applications.

Power Platform Support

Introducing Ingentive Power Platform support for post-project support, which allows you to build with confidence and break free from the unpredictability of costly third-party applications and support.

Our specialised managed IT services support is designed for Microsoft Power Platform, ensuring the seamless functionality of all its services and features.


App Support

Explore Ingentive Application Support, where we assume the ongoing management of your applications, whether they were developed by us, or you are transitioning from another partner. Our IT managed services seamlessly blends Microsoft Azure cloud support with application support, harnessing our extensive experience in both domains to deliver comprehensive support tailored to your specific application needs.

Expert Advice

Ingentive offers discerning and adaptable advisory services, tailored to organisations of all sizes. Our approach is founded on comprehensive knowledge that extends beyond technology alone. We engage with your key stakeholders, delve into your technical estate, and tackle your unique challenges with a profound understanding of the strategic and functional outcomes you aim to achieve in the short, medium and long term.

Whether you have an existing internal IT team requiring support or seek end-to-end management, our role as your dedicated Microsoft management and support partner combines specialised managed services expertise with a strategic outlook, ensuring a seamless and dependable IT environment.

Modern work Support

Ingentive managed workplace services on Microsoft 365 provide a comprehensive solution for your organisation, encompassing user support, security, compliance, proactive monitoring, patch management, data backup, migration, cost optimisation, performance enhancement, customisation, integration and strategic planning.

These managed services empower our clients to maximise the productivity, efficiency and security of their digital workspace while aligning Microsoft 365 with their specific needs and long-term objectives.

Change Management

Explore Ingentive's IT managed services, where our proven expertise is trusted by some of the UK's largest companies to manage their Microsoft estates. Our offerings are diverse, ranging from on-demand consultancy to long-term maintenance, including automated testing and IT architecture analysis.

Our change management program is based on a robust methodology, allowing us to look at your environment and match your requirements.  It is important to manage the constant and consistent change that technology brings, which means our managed services allow you to buy support as and when you need it to ensure you are always ahead of the curve.



Did you know?

IT managed services

Reducing IT costs for your team.


45% IT costs reduced
IT managed services with us

Why Ingentive?

Outsourcing specific managed services to an external provider is a big responsibility, and we know that. At Ingentive we aim to foster strong relationships based on trust, passion and performance. Our managed services experts have a wealth of experience and adaptable skills for many focused industries. Rest assured, that we'll deliver for your team and always update you with progress.


Expertise Ingentive focuses on expertise and performance to deliver successful projects. This effort is reflected by our expert talent carefully selected for distinct capabilities, such as IT managed services.
Recognised partner

As Elite Microsoft partner, Ingentive is part of a small percentage of IT organisations with strong IT capabilities, powered by Microsoft solutions. Ingentive is also FastTrack partner, part of the Jumpstart program - which means we can also help you integrate solutions faster.

Strong capabilities As an expert is Low-code and custom software solutions, along with security, Data, and AI, Ingentive has a wide range of strong capabilities to offer. Your organisation can benefit from all these capabilities without having to outsource to several providers.
Wealth of experience As mentioned, we carefully select our brilliant talent for IT managed services to deliver efficiently. With these experts, comes great skills and experience from many years of hands on delivery.
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Supporting your organisation

Enquiries are varied and can simply be a call down of hours for additional consultancy, to longer term maintenance for the support of upgrades with automated testing including analysis and IT architecture. 

Select your preferred proposition and collaborate with a responsive team working to agreed SLAs with structured reporting for progress and costs against budget. Clear communication with a roadmap for changes and proposed improvements are also provided for you.

Whatever your requirements are, Ingentive are here to support you every step of the way. We utilise our expertise across Power Platform, M365, Security and Data to ensure you receive the IT managed services you deserve. 


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