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Elly Fenton18 March 20245 min read

How Digital Evolution Drives Success

As technology continues to evolve, businesses must embrace digital evolution to remain competitive, drive growth, and unlock new opportunities. Digital evolution is more than a strategic overhaul of processes, culture, and mindset - that's digital transformation. Digital evolution goes beyond this, as it has the longevity to continuously serve you and your business as it grows and develops.  

The biggest problems we see our clients facing before digitally evolving are the following:

  • Poor operational efficiency
  • Unsatisfied clients
  • Losing opportunities to their competitors

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

One of the foremost challenges businesses face is maximising efficiency and productivity. Manual processes, siloed systems, and redundant tasks can hinder operations and slow down progress. Digital evolution addresses these inefficiencies by streamlining workflows, automating repetitive tasks, and optimising resource allocation.

We can offer you a suite of digital tools designed to enhance efficiency across various business functions. From project management software to collaborative workspace solutions, businesses can centralise communication, track progress in real-time, and allocate resources effectively. By leveraging these tools, teams can work smarter, not harder, freeing up time to focus on innovation and strategic initiatives.

At Ingentive we offer low-code solutions as well as custom software development, leaving no stone unturned. We offer businesses the best solutions for their operational problems. Be it a low-code solution that we tailor to suit your business needs in a timely manner, or a full scale custom software development project that works exclusively for your business from the ground up.

We often see that the blended approach of low-code and pro-code (custom software) solutions is the best solution for many of our clients. Some business problems can’t be solved with an out-of-the-box solution, and therefore solutions need to be created from scratch to combat their issues. However, other problems can be solved with the quick win of low-code solutions that are pre-existing and therefore don’t require extensive coding knowledge. At Ingentive, we help you to identify where your business needs to be implementing bespoke software fixes, yet also encourage you to take the low-code options when appropriate - to ensure that you keep costs down in your evolution journey where possible.


Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers expect seamless interactions across multiple channels, personalised engagements, and timely resolutions to their queries. Digital evolution enables businesses to meet these expectations by leveraging data-driven insights, AI-powered solutions, and omni-channel strategies. We provide businesses with the tools they need to elevate the customer experience. From AI chatbots for instant customer support to data analytics tools for understanding customer behaviour, businesses can gain deeper insights into their customers' needs and preferences. By delivering personalised experiences and anticipating customer needs, businesses can foster loyalty, drive satisfaction, and differentiate themselves in the market.

An example of this is a project we completed with AXA XL. AXA XL had a client issue concerning reports and the current dashboards (miss matched reports to what was shown in the Dashboard). Our Ingentive team and AXA XL met to understand the issues. We analysed the issue, came back, and presented a list of options on how to resolve these issues. The recommendation from us was selected by the client. We then delivered this on time to the satisfaction of the client. Additionally, the custom software solution provided for AXA XL, benefitted all of their clients not just the client they had in question.

Not only did we solve AXA XL's client issue, but we were trusted to work as a blended team with AXA XL and their clients. After successfully completing this project, Bryan Evans, VP IT Delivery Lead for Risk Consulting at AXA XL, said “I was comfortable with having Ingentive representing the AXA XL IT team to the client, presenting the solutions, and delivering. All members of Ingentive's team are a pleasure to work with and very professional a great company to augment my IT team!”.

Read more about our case study with AXA XL here.


Innovation and Competitive Advantage

Innovation is the lifeblood of successful businesses, driving growth, and enabling organisations to stay ahead of the competition. Digital evolution empowers businesses to embrace emerging technologies, experiment with new business models, and adapt to changing market dynamics.

Let us do the work for you, we will support you as a catalyst for innovation, providing businesses with access to cutting-edge technologies and expertise. Whether it's harnessing the power of AI for predictive analytics or leveraging blockchain for secure transactions, you can explore new opportunities and unlock new revenue streams - gaining your business a competitive edge and future-proof their operations against disruptions.

By addressing key challenges such as efficiency, customer experience, and innovation, businesses can unlock their full potential and drive sustainable growth. With us, businesses have the tools and resources they need to embark on their digital transformation journey and emerge stronger and more resilient than ever before.

If you don’t digitally evolve, your competitor will.

Why Ingentive?

As an organisation that offers both pro code and low code, we are uniquely placed when it comes to offering advice to businesses looking to digitally evolve, since we are unbiased. Ingentive act as a trusted pair of hands to guide you through the best options for your business - be it pro code or low code. 

We stand as a strategic partner at the intersection of pro code and low code, empowering businesses to drive innovation, enhance collaboration, and achieve their strategic objectives. Whether it's the precision of custom coding or the agility of low-code solutions like Microsoft's Power Platform, we provide a strategic and adaptive approach to software development, unlocking the full potential of businesses in the ever-evolving digital era. Choose Ingentive for a transformative partnership that aligns seamlessly with your strategic business vision. 

Want to learn more?

We are uniquely placed as a Microsoft FastTrack Ready Partner that are able to diagnose your organisation's digital processes, using your use cases. From this understanding, we create tailor-made solutions that suit your business needs.

Want to learn more about how Ingentive can help you stay ahead of the curve? Join our workshops and get in touch to learn more about how we can help your business digitally evolve.