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Colm Clinton4 October 20235 min read

Behind the Ingentive Rebrand: Empowering Digital Evolution

Akari recently rebranded as Ingentive.   Now, I know that any business can change their name, but it's the changes behind the name, within our organisation, that are important to me.  It’s our identity, and the change comes with purpose because it reflects the expansion in our offerings and the growth in our company.  The way we do things is intended to result in excellence for our clients with the new teammates in the Delivery Team.  We now have a deep skillset supporting a wider breadth across Delivery and this enables our strategy to be the leading digital evolution partner to our clients. 

For our team, the work we do as individuals is as important to us as people as it is for the brand.  I want our clients to understand who we are, what we do, and why Ingentive is a safe pair of hands to guide the organisations we work with through their digital evolution.  The services we offer incorporate Power Platform, Modern Work, Security, Data & Analytics and AI – which will be a vital part of everything we do, and I’d expect to become the norm very quickly.  We’ve also increased our focus on our own products with our intellectual property and the packaged solutions we deliver through those.  Furthermore, our Managed Services reinforce this ability with the capability and capacity to support change and transformation for the long term, supported by our team in the Project Management Office incorporating Business Analysis and Client Success.


Here’s a short update on the team and the teammates in those areas:

Matthew Harding joined soon after me and now heads up what we do with the Power Platform.  Matthew’s experience with Microsoft technology goes beyond the Power Platform and his knowledge from 25 years in IT supports his approach for delivering solutions using the latest platforms to global organisations. I was also delighted to learn I’d be working with Luke McGovern who supports Matthew.  Luke joined us from Microsoft as an expert in low code and his expertise in automation and the emerging technology using AI and Copilot is a real asset to the team and our clients.  It was also a pleasure to be working with an old teammate from QUANTIQ: Vinay Desai.  Vinay moved into Power Platform in its infancy and has some very valuable experience working with the NHS coupled with his background in marketing, data and now cloud computing. 

The very experienced and knowledgeable Andy Lambert leads our Modern Work offering.  Andy has spent almost his entire career leading and mentoring teams predominantly based upon Microsoft's Office 365 platform but is now also looking at the opportunities that may arise from Microsoft Viva.  As a Viva Insights practitioner, he is the ideal person to advise our clients about this and the architecture surrounding M365. 

We have some exciting developments with application lifecycle management delivery incorporating Security, Azure, and Cloud ServicesTom Hind leads all that we do in ALM.  Tom was so excited about the changes we’ve been making that he came back to us after a spell away for a couple of years.  Tom brings a genuine love for technology to the role and is a real asset to the Delivery Team and our clients; his collaborative approach to consulting for a complex area means he is seen as someone who can be very much trusted with Cyber Risk. 

Natalia Sykes recently joined us to lead our Data strategy, a key component of our proposition for data visualisation, advanced analytics, industry specific BI and data warehousing.  Natalia can help our clients stay ahead with cloud migration and technology in data such as Fabric and blockchain. 

Keep an eye on our relaunched IP practice - headed up by Max Monkman.  Max has been working closely with the Power Platform team using his experience to improve on what we already have, to design and develop new products.  For example, look at our EnviroTrak app which will measure, track, report, and action carbon footprint data through Microsoft Teams.  One of the many offerings we’re delivering to our clients.

Our existing clients are in good hands with the talented Gabriel Zaharia heading up our Managed Services.  Gabriel has a personal goal to automate as much as possible, to find and implement solutions, reduce emails and end-user screen time.  He manages solutions with Microsoft Teams, the Power Platform as well as infrastructure, integrations and customisations.   Gabriel’s energy and personality make our clients interactions with everything we do in Support so much easier. 

Finally, key to our methodology, we have a Business Process Analysis and Change Practice.  We welcome Kas Arshad to the team joining Kayleigh Provan leading our clients through the journey.  Kayleigh is our longest serving member of the team and has long been a mainstay of our clients’ success.  She has recently taken on increased responsibilities as part of our PMO and is also learning the fundamentals of business analysis to help with both these.  Kas enhances this with his experience as a Business Analyst and Change Lead.  He thrives in a collaborative environment and will work alongside the cross-functional teams to develop optimised strategies, implement process improvements, and successfully execute transformation programs. 


So why Ingentive?  For me, it’s how we do what we do that makes the difference and this is a key part of the Delivery Team ethos.  I personally work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and challenges, supported by the PMO and the expertise we have in technology.  Our Delivery Team are experts in their field with extensive experience in developing applications that are user-friendly, efficient, and scalable.  We have worked with some of the biggest brands in the UK and beyond, and we use the latest Microsoft technology to deliver solutions that are “built around you”, celebrating each client’s uniqueness and filling in the gaps.  We can then surround that with analysis, change management and ongoing support. 

I'm delighted and excited to be part of the team and I look forward to working with our clients to help deliver their business strategy with our own BOOST methodology.  For more on this, and the team, please check out our website and follow Ingentive on LinkedIn – or just drop me a line, I’d love to talk about how we can help.